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Vespa Tour Tuscany


The Vespa Trip is a tour operator that specializes in Vespa tours. They offer routes like the Amalfi coast, Bruges and Tuscany. The Tuscan route takes six days and winds past some of Italy’s most historical cities like Pisa, Florence, and Sienna. I love the concept of seeing Italy by Vespa and this trip provides the opportunity to be outside to enjoy spectacular views of the Tuscan hills and explore it’s famous vineyard landscapes along the way.

The route, also called Giro Classico, starts and ends in Pisa (Monday to Saturday), and the trips are always between 70 and 120 km. On a daily basis, you can choose to drive the routes on your own (using road book & GPS), or you can follow their guide to drive completely carefree.

Vespa Trip

How to Get There: The trip starts in Pisa. If you’re flying in, the airport would be PSA. You can also reach Pisa by train or car.

Accommodations: The Vespa Trip, tour operator, books rooms at convenient hotels along the route for the group. At first glance, the hotels look basic, most likely 2-3 stars. I wouldn’t characterize this as a luxury tour of Tuscany, but more of a unique experience where you may get to more the off-the-beaten-track places only a Vespa can get you close to.

Your Vespa: On arrival day, Monday, the paperwork will be taken care of. On Tuesday morning keys to the Vespas are handed out. If it’s your first time, Start-To-Vespa lessons are available on Monday. The Vespa is returned on the 5th day of the tour, Friday. Similar to cruises, theirs an assumption the Vespa is shared between 2 people traveling together. To drive solo, there is a supplement of 120 € per single driver.

License Requirements: In order to drive their Vespas in Italy, you must have a driving license (B) or a motorbike license (A) and be 18+. An American license will not be enough so you’ll need to apply for an international driving license. If you have a European driving license that will do.

What’s Included

  • Food: Breakfast only
  • Support van to transport luggage
  • Five nights in hotels
  • The rent of your amazing Vespa, helmets, and lock
  • A roadbook and tour guide

What’s Not Included

  • Lunch, dinner, alcohol
  • Insurance
  • Start To Vespa Lessons $50
  • Fuel
  • Parking costs

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