Volunteer Teaching in Bali

I recently spent two weeks in Pejeng, Bali, at the Green Lion volunteer house. Pejeng is about 30 minutes from Ubud and hosts several dozen volunteers weekly.

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Volunteers can choose from an array of projects to work on and also receive training in Bahasa, cooking Balinese food, batik painting and local customs.

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Accommodations are basic dorm style rooms (6 beds to a room. Male or Female rooms), with shared toilets and showers and all meals are included, Monday to Friday. In the evenings and on the weekends I had free time to explore Ubud which you can read about in a separate post. For those interested in volunteering, but not into sharing a room with people, private rooms are available for an additional cost.

I chose the teaching project and worked with a group of 25 fourth graders at a remote school in the mountains of Bali. I taught English vocabulary and practiced conversational English along with a teaching partner for 2 hours after the children completed their regular curriculum. To teach English we played games and worked on expanding their vocabulary around subjects like emotions, transportation and animals. Every morning my teaching partner and I would work on lesson plans and figures out the days vocabulary and organize worksheets and activities. The class loved “If you’re happy and you know it”, doing word searches and playing charades to guess the animals I acted out.


On my last day I passed out a few special treats like coloring pages from Frozen and the Avengers which went over very well. I also shared a box of Chinese teacakes my friend Cake, from Thailand gave me to give out to the kids. They were so amazed with the cakes some of the kids took them home to enjoy with their families.

My time at the Green Lion was a very unique, off the beaten path, learning experience. The enthusiasm of my class made everyday a pleasure to be with them. I especially loved staying in a non touristy Balinese neighborhood, getting to meet the local families and making new friends.


Highlights during my stay in Pejeng were visiting the batik painting workshop and walking through the rice paddies. I hope to visit Bali again soon and will definitely stop by Pejeng to say hello to the team at Green Lion and my class of fourth graders.






One thought on “Volunteer Teaching in Bali

  1. Hi, Janelle
    I am Agus. I am a Balinese and I am a teacher. I am really interested with your story during your time in Bali. And as a Balinese, I wanna say thank you very much for volunterring in Bali.

    I have a dream to do the same like what green lion do. I want to host volunteer in Bali. But i dont know how should I start it. I have no idea. If you dont mine, would you please share how does it work.
    Thank you very much


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