My Go To Backpack for Long Trips and Budget Travel


For the last 12 years I’ve been using the Eagle Creek Switchback Carry On as my go to luggage for long term traveling and budget trips. I save my fancy hard shell Samsonite Carry On and Checked luggage for when I go on short or luxury trips since they are more sleek and stylish.

The Eagle Creek Switchback is my favorite backpack because it combines the functionality of a backpack with the convenience of wheeled luggage which comes in very handy when going through airports. I’m able to easily convert the wheeled carry on to a backpack when I come across cobblestoned streets, rough roads, steep stairs or have to make my way through crowded train stations.

Here are a few images and a video of the Switchback.



I’ve had two over the last 12 years and the same green switchback (pictured above) for 7 years and it’s still looks great and feels sturdy.


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