On The Midnight Train to Guilin (May 2012)

After kicking it in Kunming for 3 days we moved on to Guilin. We took an overnight train from Kunming to Quilin which took about 17 hours. On this train the highest class was the “hard sleeper”. It was pretty posh with the beds already made and really comfy linens. There were 6 beds to a berth and Blake and I had the very top bunks.

Nicer bunks than the trains in India, I'll give them that

I pretty much enjoyed the Chinese train experience. It was much nicer than some of the overnight trains I did in India but just as noisy. Little by little passengers got off at stops between Kunming and Guilin so by the time we woke up in the morning the train was much more quiet and we even got a berth to ourselves by the end.

Smiling still after 17 hours on the train


We stayed at the Riverside Hostel in Guilin which I highly recommend. It over looks a river and we were able to get the balcony room. After getting cleaned up and having a walk around town we stumbled upon this restaurant where we had dinner.

We had dinner here. It was good

Dig In

We had spicy tofu and beer and marveled at how crowded and buzzing the restaurant was.

The next morning we walked up one of the main roads, Zhangshon Rd and chose a coffee shop for breakfast based on a pic of cornflakes and coffee advertised on their sign. I had a tasty pot of Lavender tea, fruit salad and french toast stuffed with peanuts and served with condensed milk for syrup.

Mmmm Lavender Tea

Sipping my morning tea

Nice presentation

With fuel in our bellies we walked over and up Guilin’s Solitary Beauty Peak.

Hope they have stairs

Steep steps

Made it to the top

On our way out of the Solitary Beauty Peak area we came upon this sign with some interesting rules for the citizens of Quilin to follow at tourist sites.

Chinese Citizen Domestic Travel Certified Behavior Convention

One of my favorite parts about visiting China has been the abundance of bubble tea places. I’m almost having at least one a day and my Mandarin for Green Milk Tea is getting better and better.

Yay! Bubble Tea

Walking from the Solitary Beauty Peak to Elephant Trunk Hill we found a path with great views of the Sun and Moon Pagodas.

Sun and Moon Pagoda, Guilin


We reached Elephant Trunk Hill around midday and followed the path up and to the backside where a cave overlooks the trunk, walked through a nearby temple and did a quick run through a Chinese wine museum and tried one of the rice wines for sale.

Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin

About a quarter of the way to the top

Guilin, Elephant Trunk Hill Temple


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